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The International Baccalaureate Program at BSGE

Founded in September 2002, 全球教育学士学位学院(BSGE)提供世界一流的教育经验,与国际学士学位项目的框架和标准相一致. 龙8手机app希望所有成功完成课程学习的学生都能获得国际学士学位证书.

国际学士学位计划是一个严格的大学预科课程的学习,满足高度积极的中学生的需要. IB文凭允许毕业生满足世界各地国家教育系统的要求, incorporating the best elements of each.

龙8手机app的学生群体是由来自皇后区不同社区的年轻人组成的,他们来自不同的种族和经济状况, including Jamaica, Forest Hills, Corona, Astoria, Woodside, Laurelton, Rosedale, Far Rockaway, Queens Village, Hollis, Richmond Hill, Middle Village, South Ozone, Jackson Heights, Rego Park and Long Island City.  Located in Astoria, BSGE students learn in an environment that encourages inquiry, 以及智力和社会发展,并致力于人类责任和社会正义.

只有经国际学士学位组织授权的学校才有资格颁发IB证书或文凭. The Baccalaureate School for Global Education was authorized in April of 2005 as an IB World School.

Principal’s Vision

• Every student will be an IB Diploma candidate.
• Promote fluency in a foreign language.
• Build ties with local, national, and international communities.

Collaborative Leadership

龙8手机app认识到,集体的知识和能力大于任何个人的能力.  Leadership is distributed across a team of accomplished faculty.  学校社区的利益相关者在影响他们的决策中有发言权.

Evidence-based Practice

In the improvement of instructional design and professional practice, 一个有用的信息的主体存在于教育研究界和教师的“实践”知识中.  Decisions are best made upon consideration of theory, research, practical experience and knowledge of the student community.

Focused Professional Development

着重于课程内容和教学内容知识的密集专业发展, and supported with on-site follow-up and appropriate instructional materials, leads to significant changes in practice and improvements in student performance.  有限的全校专业发展目标可以让教职员分享经验和专业知识.

Instructional Coaching

改善学生的学习主要是改善课堂教学实践的功能.  To continuously develop professional competence, each teacher needs access to routine, on-site support and feedback for improving instructional practices.  教学辅导对于新手教师和专家型教师都能起到提高教学技能的作用.

The BSGE School Profile

Class Rank: BSGE does not rank its students due our relatively small senior class size. This year’s graduating class has 118 students.

GPA: BSGE does not calculate grade point averages. 龙8手机app鼓励学院和大学评估龙8手机app的学生基于IB预科项目和IB文凭项目评分等级1-7. Grade descriptors are provided with our student transcripts.

Courses: 龙8官网下载包括ib预科项目(7-10年级)和文凭项目(11-12年级). 预科ib计划准备学生的文凭项目和纽约州董事考试, integrating five areas of interaction: Approaches to Learning, Environment, Community and Service, Health and Social Education and Homo Faber (man/woman the maker). To enhance their academic program, 所有ib预科学生都需要参加100小时的社区和服务活动. 课程(续):文凭课程是一门高级课程,可通过七个学术领域的考试:英语, Second Modern Language, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts and Technology. 文凭课程的学术内容确保学生掌握学习的伟大传统:语言, humanities and the sciences. Participants are assessed by internal and external examinations, student portfolios and evaluated projects. 文凭候选人还必须满足他们的项目的三个特殊特点:知识理论课程, a minimum of 100 hours of Creativity, Activity, and Service experiences and projects, as well as an Extended Essay of 4000 words.

Percentage of graduating class admitted to colleges/universities in 2020: 98.75% (79 of 80)

2020年秋季四年制大学毕业生百分比: 91.25% (73 of 80)

2020年毕业班级中获得IB文凭的合格学生百分比: 83% (54 of 65) According to U. S. News and World Report’s annual report, 龙8官网下载(BSGE)在美国高中项目中排名第65位, #15 in New York State, and #11 in the New York Metro Area (2020). 《龙8官网下载》将BSGE评为2016年东北地区第6个最具挑战性的高中项目. The New York Post ranked BSGE as the #4 public high school in NYC (2016). Niche ranks BSGE as #12 Public High School in New York, #101 of 19,314 Best Public High Schools in America, and #150 of 16,801 Best College Prep Public High Schools in America (2020).

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